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Jul 26 2014

HoneyDrive 3 Royal Jelly edition


Dear security enthusiasts, it’s been around one year and a half since the last release of HoneyDrive Desktop. Upon learning that my honeypots workshop has been accepted at BSides Las Vegas 2014, the thought of upgrading HoneyDrive has been greatly intensified in my mind, to the point that I decided to make it a reality! So, it …

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Jan 16 2013

HoneyDrive 0.2 Nectar edition released!

Hello all Once more, I’m in the happy position to announce a new release for HoneyDrive (Desktop)! This is version 0.2 aka Nectar edition, which brings more honeypot and malware related tools on the distro. You can download it from HoneyDrive’s SourceForge page at: http://sourceforge.net/projects/honeydrive/ Changes and additions on this version (in no particular order): …

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Jan 12 2013

dork.db for Glastopf web honeypot

While working on the new version of HoneyDrive (hopefully to be released next week) I encountered an error trying to execute Glastopf web honeypot after following the installation instructions. It seems that the GitHub repo is missing the dork.db file needed for the honeypot’s operation. Luckily Lukas (@glaslos) the developer of Glastopf and honeypot-enthusiast Mikael …

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