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Jun 07 2015

Easy importing of HoneyDrive to VMware Fusion

Hello honeypot enthusiasts, I was playing around with VMware Fusion today and I accidentally found out that it’s now super easy to create a VM using the HoneyDrive 3 OVA file. Note: I’m using VMware Fusion Professional Version 6.0.6 on OS X. After downloading the OVA file from SourceForge, just go to VMware Fusion’s “File” …

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#Honeynet2014 - Gadi Evron - Cyber Counter Intelligence: An attacker-based approach


Honeypots for Active Defense: A Practical Guide to Deploying Honeynets Within the Enterprise

Status update

Dear Kippo-Graph users, please git pull origin master inside your Kippo-Graph directory to get a commit that was pushed some days ago. It solves a bug that makes the Kippo-Geo component not display its maps if geolocation failed for any of the top 10 IP addresses.


Kippo and Bits and Bits Chris Teodorski

Feb 07 2015

Kippo-Graph 1.5 released!

This is the release of another version of Kippo-Graph, reaching 1.5. Kippo-Graph 1.5 brings a change to charts generation (now you can use a cron job instead of recreating them each time) and some updates and fixes. Thanks to zhardie for the suggestion. Download: kippo-graph-1.5 or clone/pull from GitHub: MD5 Checksum: 5ae578d73c6119344b889ab76a0b0f2a SHA-1 Checksum: 40062d56a25257f49ad8dc130715efdfaf96528c CHANGES: Version 1.5: …

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Feb 01 2015

Kippo-Graph 1.4.2 released!

Three releases in one day? Why not! So, this is the release of another version of Kippo-Graph, reaching 1.4.2. Kippo-Graph 1.4.2 brings various fixes and improvements. Download: kippo-graph-1.4.2 or clone/pull from GitHub: MD5 Checksum: 1e18f38369900b51a7f551c9820acf3d SHA-1 Checksum: 91ef88a8d38e76d819f7fbdef63ea7d561c06513 CHANGES: Version 1.4.2: + Fixed Kippo-Playlog’s results and added sorting to the table. + Added geo method selection in play.php. …

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