Kippo-Malware is a Python script that will download all malicious files stored as URLs in a Kippo SSH honeypot database. This is useful in situations where you have lost your files or something happened to your VPS/server but you still have your DB intact. The script also supports HTTP proxy usage to cover your IP address from malicious servers and custom User-Agent values.

If you need to test the software, go to any of the following pages where the Kippo Honeypot is installed:

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DOWNLOAD Kippo-Malware:

The script uses the following packages: MySQL-python, pony, requests, and clint. Installing those is trivial via pip. Your only problem might be with MySQL-python under Windows but you can use this precompiled binary.


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  • Petro

    Have you gotten kippo to work with sftp at all?

    • Ion

      Hi Petro,
      there is a fork of Kippo with SFTP support added but I haven’t tried it. Link:


  • Claz

    I have an attacker trying to chmod 755 his malware so it can run, but kippo doesn’t seem to allow that command. Is there a way to allow attackers to chmod in kippo settings without it compromising its security?

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