About Me

Ioannis “Ion” Koniaris

Ioannis is an Information Security engineer and researcher, working to protect company assets, data and operations. His general interests are programming, security, development operations (DevOps) and cloud computing while his academic interests include honeypots, honeyclients, botnet tracking, malware analysis, intrusion detection and security visualization. Ioannis has released a number of utilities to aid information security professionals using honeypots. Some of them are Kippo-Graph, Honeyd-Viz and HoneyDrive; a self-contained honeypot bundle Linux distribution. These tools are used by numerous university researchers, commercial websites like Compro Gear, various CERT teams worldwide and have also been included in the “Proactive detection of security incidents II – Honeypots” report by ENISA (European Union Agency for Network and Information Security). Lastly, Ioannis has presented lengthy workshops at well-known security conventions such as BruCON and BSidesLV.


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