Jan 12 2013

dork.db for Glastopf web honeypot

While working on the new version of HoneyDrive (hopefully to be released next week) I encountered an error trying to execute Glastopf web honeypot after following the installation instructions. It seems that the GitHub repo is missing the dork.db file needed for the honeypot’s operation. Luckily Lukas (@glaslos) the developer of Glastopf and honeypot-enthusiast Mikael (@nsmfoo) were available on Twitter, and the latter promtly sent me a copy of the file in question.

I thought I should upload it here just in case anyone else needs it: dork.db. Untar it and place the dork.db file at “/opt/glastopf/db/” (or the db dir relative to your glastopf folder).

UPDATE: It seems that this manual fix is no longer needed, good job guys.

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