Dec 26 2011

Kippo-Graph 0.5 released!

Happy X-Mas! Get your honeypot gift: the new version of Kippo-Graph :)

Kippo-Graph reached version 0.5 and includes a new component: Kippo-Input, where I have put seperate input-related tables about various commands. New graphs have also been added where suitable, and Kippo-Graph currently displays 15 in total. Two extras are the links for the files attackers downloaded and the online lookup feature for the top 10 IP addresses. Lastly, there is a update checker displayed on the index page that alarms you if there is a newer version available.

Download Kippo-Graph 0.5 from here: kippo-graph-0.5


Version 0.5:
+ Added Kippo-Input: display and visualization of input data, wget (with file links) and apt-get commands.
+ Added online version checking function (include/misc/versionCheck.php).
+ Added new pie charts, Kippo-Graph now shows 15 - updated gallery.
+ Added IP table on Kippo-Geo with whois/lookup feature.
+ Changed all files to .php.

For comments, suggestions, fixes, please use the Kippo-Graph page: http://bruteforce.gr/kippo-graph


  • http://Lvdeijk.wordpress.com Leon van der eijk

    Dude, you are on a roll ! 😀 Thanks for sharing.

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