Aug 25 2014

DionaeaFR: adding parameterized date range

UPDATE: this change has been merged into the official DionaeaFR repo.

As you might know, DionaeaFR is a very good frontend for Dionaea malware honeypot. It is developed by @rubenespadas, is written in Python and uses the Django web framework. I have covered DionaeaFR in the past in my post Visualizing Dionaea’s results with DionaeaFR and of course I have included it in HoneyDrive.

But, DionaeaFR had an issue that was bugging me a lot; it only displayed data for the last 7 days (starting from the current day and going backwards). This is a problem when dealing with old databases or when you want to get a more comprehensive overall impression of the honeypot’s activity or when you simply decided to stop your capturing activities for some days and then want to visualize what was going on.

So, I decided to fix it (along with some other small issues). You can find a fork of DionaeaFR on my GitHub account here: https://github.com/ikoniaris/DionaeaFR where there is a RESULTS_DAYS variable in the settings.py file that you can set to the number of days you want DionaeaFR to show data for (starting from the current day and going backwards). I have also submitted that as a pull request but I haven’t got a response yet, thus I decided to post this.

Enjoy, and please let me know of any feedback.

  • Waseem

    We need to add this file or is there nay file on our honeydrive which we need to modify because I have not found any setting.py file on our local drive.

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