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Dec 11 2012

Kippo-Graph: version 0.7.3 released!

This is the release of a new version of Kippo-Graph, fixing a security issue with XSS code in intruders’ input strings being executed by Kippo-Input, plus adding some new tables with basic info about the honeypot’s operation highlighting its general activity (I’m suprised this was overlooked so far).

Thanks to A. Ramos for reporting the XSS problem.

Updating is recommended!

Download it from here: kippo-graph-0.7.3

MD5 Checksum: EF27DB0031E3FC2D1F80DD4F83A8A175
SHA-1 Checksum: 0FA03F5FA4BED233731CB4F5F4CD42C1CDF92215


Version 0.7.3:
+ Fixed XSS issues in Kippo-Input.
+ Added tables with overall/basic stats in Kippo-Graph and Kippo-Input.

For comments, suggestions, fixes, please use the Kippo-Graph page: http://bruteforce.gr/kippo-graph

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