Nov 25 2012

Christmas gifts for the security enthusiast!

Holidays are coming… :)

Time for prayers for some, time for gifts for others. Cyber geeks don’t always approve the usual presents though. They must get something intriguing, something that will make them gain knowledge or skills. So, here is a small gift list I’m trying to compile for security enthusiasts:

1. A new (cheap) VPS (virtual private server). Because you never have too many ;)

2. A Arduino board. Great for electronics/hardware fans.

3. A Raspberry Pi board. For just $35 you can own a fully operational system. Take a look here for security/hacking “recipes”.

4. A subscription to a quality security-related magazine. For Greek readers, make yourself a favor and order deltaHacker today!

5. Some nice wordlists from the Openwall project.

6. A copy of IDA Pro, the best disassembler and debugger.

7. A copy of L0phtCrack, Administrator (cheap) version.

8. A copy of VMware Workstation, one of the best virtualization software.

9. A security training program. Try eLearnSecurity or Offensive Security (more hardcore!) and you won’t be disappointed.

10. ??? (your suggestions!)

  • http://www.jayscott.co.uk Jay

    Nice list, I think it would be wishful thinking that my wife would splash out on a copy of IDA Pro tho :D

  • Black September

    10. WiFi Pineapple :)

    • http://bruteforce.gr Ion

      Great suggestion! Hak5 shop has many other interesting items as well! :)

  • http://bruteforce.gr Ion

    Another good one:

    Top ten open source gifts for the holidays

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