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May 04 2013

Kippo SSH Honeypot Series

Edgis Security has created a 4-part guide on Kippo SSH honeypot. Their last post is dedicated to Kippo-Graph! Kippo SSH Honeypot Series Part 01: Getting Started Part 02: User & Password Management Part 03: A Sticky Honeypot Part 04: Kippo-Graph

Feb 25 2013

Kippo-Graph: version 0.7.6 released!

This is another release of Kippo’s visualization utility Kippo-Graph, adding Polish and Swedish language support. Thanks to Mateusz and Andreasvb for their translation efforts! Download it from here: kippo-graph-0.7.6 MD5 Checksum: 70F2233E94C3F01865165E4680AE19DD SHA-1 Checksum: 0819DDEE3F4996BA1C9D594F2B0598E99202478B CHANGES: Version 0.7.6: + Added Polish & Swedish language support. For comments, suggestions, fixes, please use the Kippo-Graph page: http://bruteforce.gr/kippo-graph

Feb 01 2013

Kippo-Graph: version 0.7.5 released!

This is the release of a new version of Kippo-Graph, adding French language support. Thanks to Jean-Phelippe for his translation effort! Download it from here: kippo-graph-0.7.5 MD5 Checksum: 83C51FA126F6B035FF1BD00C38E031DA SHA-1 Checksum: 20543AD11D340A4951CF403FAC04C4C9E185F872 CHANGES: Version 0.7.5: + Added French language support. For comments, suggestions, fixes, please use the Kippo-Graph page: http://bruteforce.gr/kippo-graph

Jan 17 2013

SSH honeypot workshop @ BSides London 2013

Long time honeypot enthusiast, BruteForce Lab’s Blog reader and Kippo-Graph ideas contributor Leon van der Eijk, is giving a workshop on SSH honeypots during Bsides London 2013, using Kippo and Kippo-Graph. Here is the announcement from The Honeynet Project website: At the last BruCON conference in Ghent last year I had the pleasure to talk …

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Jan 16 2013

HoneyDrive 0.2 Nectar edition released!

Hello all Once more, I’m in the happy position to announce a new release for HoneyDrive (Desktop)! This is version 0.2 aka Nectar edition, which brings more honeypot and malware related tools on the distro. You can download it from HoneyDrive’s SourceForge page at: http://sourceforge.net/projects/honeydrive/ Changes and additions on this version (in no particular order): …

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TekTip ep18 - HoneyDrive

Dec 26 2012

HoneyDrive Desktop released!

Hello! Merry X-Mas to all I am very happy to be in the position to announce the newest addition to my projects: HoneyDrive (Desktop). What is it? Here is a brief but informative description: HoneyDrive is a virtual appliance (OVA) with Xubuntu Desktop 12.04 32-bit edition installed. It contains various honeypot software packages such as …

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