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May 09 2012

Honeyd2MySQL 0.3 - fixed DB schema

Another release for Honeyd2MySQL script, now with a more proper database schema. Download it from here: honeyd2mysql-0.3 MD5 Checksum: 4856122B53264D9077A005864095C0DF SHA-1 Checksum: CBB0ABD48B430AF521B43E8F6E1BD453EBD8F86E For comments, suggestions, fixes, please use the Honeyd2MySQL page: http://bruteforce.gr/honeyd2mysql

May 03 2012

Honeyd-Viz 0.1 released!

I am happy to announce the release of a new honeypot visualization script: Honeyd-Viz. It is a web interface written in PHP used in conjunction with Honeyd2MySQL script. It uses “Libchart” PHP chart drawing library by Jean-Marc Trémeaux, “QGoogleVisualizationAPI” PHP Wrapper for Google’s Visualization API by Thomas Schäfer and geoPlugin geolocation technology (geoplugin.com). An example …

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May 02 2012

Honeyd2MySQL v0.2 - important fix

A small but important fix for Honeyd2MySQL script: honeyd logs both the start (S) and ending (E) of connections to specific ports. The initial version was copying every event from the logfile to the database, while we only need the (S) lines. Please donwload the new version from here: honeyd2mysql-0.2 MD5 Checksum: 13AA3BF59777515B6A5A5E454A09C9D2 SHA-1 Checksum: …

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May 01 2012

Honeyd2MySQL v0.1, populate a MySQL database with data from honeyd logs!

This is yet another simple piece of software that extracts all the basic stats from honeyd’s text-based log files and inserts them in a MySQL database. Then you can run some queries and of course visualize the data if you want to. This is the initial version (0.1) so many things are hardcoded or dead …

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The Last HOPE: Ghetto IDS and Honeypots for the Home User

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