Artillery-Geo is a simple script to visualize geolocation statistics from the operation of Artillery Honeypot/IPS by ReL1K.

It uses “QGoogleVisualizationAPI” PHP Wrapper for Google’s Visualization API by Thomas Schäfer and geoPlugin geolocation technology (

DOWNLOAD Artillery-Geo:


You can download the initial version (v0.1.1) here: artillery-geo-0.1.1

MD5 Checksum: C3A83627E9ACBC39D6E05C93FC3C61DA
SHA-1 Checksum: 1A5F9E1994B00A7A190A175227CCB2AE31546E6B

Please read the README.txt file inside the archive.


mv artillery-geo-VERSION.tar /var/www
cd /var/www
tar xvf artillery-geo-VERSION.tar --no-same-permissions
cp /var/artillery/banlist.txt /var/www/artillery-geo

Browse to http://your-server/artillery-geo to display the results.


You will need to copy your /var/artillery/banlist.txt file and paste it inside the script’s folder.

Warning: Artillery gathers results pretty quickly and it’s not uncommon for the banlist.txt file to contain hundreds or thousands of IP addresses that can stress resources if tried to be processed. There are also limitations concerning the maximum execution time of a script placed by PHP itself, Apache web server, etc.

For the above reasons it is best to run the script on your local computer and not on a live server.


artillery geo 0.1 demo 300x192 Artillery Geo

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